Open Banking Privacy: Standardizing Identity Fraud Prevention in Fintech

Privacy Management for Open Banking and Fintech Compliance

Empowering Consumers with Privacy Autonomy

Privacy, personal information protection, and identity fraud prevention are fundamental in open banking, ensuring that individuals' data remains confidential and secure, thereby fostering trust and enabling the safe adoption of innovative financial technologies. Partner with Managed Privacy Canada (MPC) and gain access to decades of expertise from our team of Risk Advisors.

Data Security

Whether adopting the ground-up approach of Privacy by Design or utilizing a structured Privacy Framework like NIST PF, safeguarding personal information is essential in open banking and fintech. Consult your MPC Risk Advisor™ for guidance on selecting the most suitable framework for your needs.

Privacy Law

The best part of MPC's on-demand Open Banking privacy solutions is working with a certified Privacy Risk Advisor™ to achieve compliance with PIPEDA, GDPR, CPPA, CCPA and others.

Fraud Prevention

MPC offers Open banking safeguards against fraud through the integration of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), Behavioral Analytics and Anomaly Detection, Machine Learning and AI-driven Models, Network Graph Analytics, and robustly secure APIs. Ask us how.